this little guy

is not so easy to catch

seems like he

stopped to pose this time



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  1. On June 6th, 2007 - dave said:

    now this is precious, great shot! how close were you? wow!

  2. On June 7th, 2007 - Lisa said:

    Dave – this is one of those feeders you can suction-cup to the outside of your window… so I was pretty close. Me on the inside – him on the outside and the picture taken through the window.

    they are precious, I agree!

  3. On June 8th, 2007 - Nyssa said:

    These birds are gorgeous. It’s always inspiring to see people capturing them on film (or digital media if you wish), since I’m sure they’re difficult to capture.

    It may be slightly dark so the details are hard to see but it’s still a wonderful shot.

  4. On June 8th, 2007 - Lisa said:

    Nyssa – I think they are just beautiful, too.

    It is slightly too dark, I agree – - taken through a window and those guys move so darn fast, I was just happy to nab him with my camera! :)

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